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    This is for a chat application, I am using Laravel Echo and Laravel Websockets. I am pretty sure websocket is working because the event is logged in laravel-websocket dashboard.

    This is the Livewire Component that BroadCast the Event:

    public function reply() {

    broadcast(new MessageAdded($message))->toOthers();


    This is the LiveWire Component that listens to the broadcasted Event:

    public function getListeners() {
    return [

    “echo-private:conversations, .MessageAdded” => ‘messageAdded’,

    public function messageAdded()
    dd(‘A message has been added’)

    The thing is that when the event is broadcasted I could see it reflected in the laravel-websockets dashboard but it wont fire the function messageAdded() which means the Livewire component is not detecting the Event Broadcasted.

    Is it a Livewire problem or maybe a Laravel Echo problem.


    Never mind. It actually works.

    Since I used toOthers() method, messageAdded() is not going to fire on my browser since I am the authenticated user and the method will only fire to other users. When I open another browser and use a different authenticated user, the messaAdded method will fire off.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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