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    I cant seem to drop a database. I normally do it in two ways.

    1) Go to SQL tab and issue drop database foo command
    2) Check the box on the left of a database and hit “Drop”

    But now when I do either I get this error

    “Drop database is disabled”



    I see two ways people fix this on help sites

    (1) Go to xampp/phpmyadmin/libraries and open config.default.php . And find the link

    $cfg[‘AllowUserDropDatabase’] = false;

    Change it to true like this

    $cfg[‘AllowUserDropDatabase’] = true;

    (2) Go to xampp/phpmyadmin and open config.inc.php. Add this this line

    $cfg[‘AllowUserDropDatabase’] = true;

    I have experienced this error before. The first one did not but the second one did. So instead of changing config.default.php, add the line to the file config.inc.php instead


    Thank you. The second method works for me too

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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