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    I just installed Woocommerce and believed everything was setup right.

    The PayPal payment set up is working just fine and after the user buys through PayPal they are taken a page to download the digital product. However when they close the page or browser they will no longer be able to access the page and therefore will loss access the digital download they purchased.

    I want it so that after a buyer purchase he will get a confirmation email with an attachment where they can download the file at any given point.

    Right now, the user is not getting any email at all after they purchase through PayPal.

    Please help.



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    If you have just set up your Commerce, chances are that you have configured any SMTP to your WordPress site.

    You need SMTP to manage emails coming it and out from your site. You need so that you will receive email from users who send message through the contact form. Anything that has to do with email you need an SMTP for that and if you have not configured anything then thats probably the reason your buyer is not receive the email.

    This integration can be done with a plugin called WP Mail SMTP. This is actually good guide to why we need SMTP and how you could implement it.



    Hi, thanks for the response. Will be looking into this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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