You cant do it in forge. You will have to access your AWS server. You will only use Laravel Forge
if you dont use Elastic IP address to update the new IP address when you stop and start your EC2 instance

(1) Obtain an Elastic IP address and associate it to your EC2 instance.
– Better to use Elastic IP to avoid your IP address always changing when you stop and start your EC2 instance. The problem with changing IP is that you always have to update A records of your DNS which means more downtime because of DNS propagation

(2) Update IP address in the meta section of your Laravel Forge Dashboard.

(3) Stop EC2 instance.

(4) Click on the EC2 instance from the “Instances” navigation on your AWS console

(5) Select which type of EC2 you will upgrade it to

(6) Start your EC2 instance. If you use Elastic IP address (EIP) your server be up again
and running. If you are not using EIP then your EC2 will have a new IP and you will change
it in your Laravel Dashboard

(7) To check on your changes, SSH to your server. Write the command “free -h” to check
if the RAM memory has changed. Check on “Mem” parameter